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An industry leader for over 20 years, Air-Tran Company, Inc. designs systems that move your parts with air. Not costly compressed air, but clean, inexpensive air, generated by blowers, which transports your parts through a specially designed network of hoppers, blowers and tubing. As the largest supplier of cap conveying systems in the United States, Air-Tran Company, Inc. has systems across the country. We convey a wide variety of caps from bottle caps, liquid detergent caps, and snap-on caps to other items such as plastic ball point pen parts, pill bottles, bows, and various molded parts. Some of our original systems are still in use 10 years after installation.



At our test lab, we study the materials your company manufactures or packages, then we design a system to best fit your specific needs. A simple system with one blower can move parts between two points at distances ranging from 6 to 125 feet, with more complex systems capable of conveying distances of up to 1000 feet from single or mulitple pick-up points. By adding additional blowers, tubing and in-line diverters, Air-Tran systems can be designed to fit most applications.

And our service doesn't stop after the sale. Air-Tran customers truly come first. Our staff of highly qualified personnel are there to assist you in the hands-on application of your new system. Air-Tran's doors are always open to companies who want to see our systems in action, so call or write Air-Tran Company, Inc. today to schedule an appointment with one of our trained sales representatives. Someone will be glad to explain how Air-Tran can put air to work for you.

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